7th CRISTAL Newsletter published

Issue 7 of the CRISTAL Newsletter has been published. The newsletter includes a report from the CRISTAl final seminar “Sustainable Development in Lifelong Learning”, summaries of seminar presentations as well as photos from the seminar and project meeting.

Read the newsletter: Issue 7, June 2013.

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Sustainable Development in Lifelong Learning seminar

CRISTAL – Sustainable Development in Lifelong Learning, public seminar at Voipaala Art Centre, Valkeakoski, Finland

The seminar was held in sunny Valkeakoski on Thursday, 6 June 2013. The seminar gathered interested lifelong learning professionals together for a day of reflection and discussion. The seminar presentations are available through the links below:

CRISTAL Grundtvig Partnership. Johanna Jokinen, coordinator, Valkeakoski Lifelong Learning Centre, Finland

Certification of Sustainable Development in Lifelong Learning. Risto Tenhunen, President, Eco-One, Finland

Sustainable Development: a never-ending journey. The CRISTAL steps. Kees Vromans, MA, Lecturer, HAS University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

Sustainability in training organisations – acts and facts. Managing Director, Mag. Christoph Holzner, Cleaner Production Centre (CPC), Austria

Dr.Tech. Marja Rissanen from the Tampere University of Technology also gave an interesting lecture entitled “Sustainable development in textiles”. The seminar participants discussed the importance of cases like these. An important question is, what the role of lifelong learning organisations is in communicating this kind of information to the public, and how it can be done in a way that grabs attention.

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CRISTAL seminar programme for Finland 6 June 2013

The programme of the final seminar of the partnership is now available. The seminar is open for all those who are interested in sustainability in lifelong learning:

CRISTAL – sustainability in lifelong learning, Voipaala Art Centre, Valkeakoski, Finland, 6 June 2013

The programme for the final partnership meeting is also available:

Final partnership meeting, Valkeakoski, Finland, 6-7-June 2013

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Visit to ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Thursday 18 April to Sunday 21 April 2013 a group of 8 people from the Province of Pesaro and Urbino visited the Netherlands ( Annarita Santilli, Luca Palombi, Giancarlo Parasecoli, Francesca Marrante, Sabattini Stefano, Elmo De Angelis, Cristiana Cavallini, Giulia Ansuini). The visit was part of the Cristal  Project (https://cristalgrundtvig.wordpress.com).

On Friday 19th, the group started the visit at the department of Environmental Studies  HAS university.
After a short presentation of HAS and  the department, the group went on  a tour in the Innovation and Research Center of the department. The visitors saw several models regarding the  purification of water, cleaning air and sustainable energy. Several students informed them on different projects.
After a break with ‘Bossche Bol’, Marijn van de Ven (4th grade student) presented a project on ‘Energy from Biomass’ . The next step was a walk through the area Paleiskwartier towards the centre of the city ( Den Bosch). Sustainable aspects were shown on the spot.

Lunch was served at the Parade in a  restaurant called Silva Ducis. This is one of the restaurants belonging to the project ‘Healthy and Sustainable restaurants and hotels’. A project within the goal of the municipality to be climate-neutral in 2050.

The group had lunch together with José Eerens, advisor on policy of the municipality ( Den Bosch). Information and several ideas were launched.

Most of the visitors used the break to visit the cathedral and to light a candle in honour of the statue of the virgin Maria, see e.g. http://www.bossche-encyclopedie.nl/_index.htm.

The guided tour at the expo http://www.vibaexpo.nl/home about sustainable building was very useful and a lot of information was given.

In the evening food and culture .

Heineken, Bavaria and Gulpener  beer gave the opportunity to lots of information and project ideas. There is to much to say about CSR and ISO26000 when you are enjoying a glass of sustainable beer.

During the  next two days the group visited Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Along  the road all kind of information and projects came to mind and were pointed out.

Some examples:

the energy park of the municipality of Waalwijk

Desso at Waalwijk

Amercentrale Geertruidenberg and Plukmadese Polder

In Rotterdam the group continued their  visit to musea: the Dutch museum for Architecture and the Natuurhistorisch. Time to reflect, see pictures (2).

In the afternoon and the evening there was  a guided tour and  dinner at a project on agriculture in the city.

Late evening the visit continued to de Kop van Zuid and the kubuswoningen.

I suggested that one of the events the visitors had to look at on Internet was the Passion (in Rotterdam). The last days of Christ in a new concept. Every year another city.

Sunday was the turn of Amsterdam ( see pictures)

As the visitors wrote: we had the opportunities of observing the richness of the country.

Thanks  to the  Italian and Dutch partner for the never ending journey on sustainable development.

Kees Vromans and Elmo De Angelis

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International meeting at ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

The italian partner is preparing to attend the international meeting at ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, to study and analyze together the environmental issues, cooperative production of energy and sustainable building.  The meeting will take place between 19-20 April 2013. Annamaria Santilli, Luca Palombi, Giulia Ansuini, Cristiana Cavallini, Stefano Sabbatini, Elmo De Angelis, Francesca Marrante, (Italian experts in sustainable development) and the Deputy Counselor of the Municipality of Pesaro, Giancarlo Parasecoli, will attend the meeting.

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The Environment, Human Beings and Houses – Workshop


On 1 March 2013 we have had the opportunity to host Kees Vromans from “Has University of Applied Sciences of Den Bosch” in Pesaro. We have organised and participated in the workshop “L’ambiente, l’uomo e la casa” (The Environment, Human beings and houses) where two different issues about sustainability have been presented and discussed with architects, engineers, land surveyors and students from the Province of Pesaro and Urbino.

IMG_1059   IMG_1057

The main topics presented were: 1. “Degrado ambientale: verso una sostenibilità operativa” – Environmental decline: towards an applied sustainability and 2.  “Abitare senza allergie” – Live without allergies and in sustainable houses.

IMG_1060       IMG_1076

The event has been a great opportunity to discuss sustainability issues with students and with professionals of the construction/ architecture sectors.

You can access the presentation on “Environmental decline: towards an applied sustainability” by clicking here!

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Please, watch this!

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Sustainable Development …..


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We can do more!

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Heli from Finland suggested a focus on sharing recipes and ideas on how to use local food. She has started a blog called Cristalfood, and hopes that any teachers and/or students in partner organizations who are interested in cooking and local cuisines could contribute to the blog.  She has already inserted some typical Finnish recipes into the blog. Enjoy!

The blog can be found at http://cristalfood.wordpress.com/

A salad made with herbs that grow in everyone's back yard in Finland

A salad made with herbs that grow in everyone’s back yard in Finland

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